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Os Barbapapas
Enigma (Black Vinyl)

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In general, one has the feeling that this trio has now really come together. "Can I use your name!? Can I use your dream?!", YELKA are asking in the album opener, reminding of Au Pairs or SLITS with the stoic beat, the dub remix compatible bassline and its no-wave guitars. Through various interlude wormholes we suddenly land in a post-kraut cover version of "Tausendmal Du" - originally by Münchener Freiheit! A song, however, that fits amazingly well into the YELKA repertoire between Chicago-Postrock, Ruhrpott-Kraut and Berlin electronic school.

veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2023

YELKA are:
Daniel Meteo, Christian Obermaier, Yelka Wehmeier

" Yelka lays down some laid-back funky jams to get you in the groove. It’s a rather low-key, late-night affair with Yelka Wehmeier taking to vocals (Indie style) on several tracks in between lush instrumentals. All players are in the zone here, with the band creating a cool collection of compositions that slowly wind, creating an almost krautrock-style hypnotic progression. Deliciously immersive music that pulls you in, and as the rhythms build, it ain’t letting go." album review on Backseatmafia


Interlude#4 01:39

Beo 03:56

Interlude#5 01:36

Beach Coma 06:18


Weltende 12:31 Video


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler Os Barbapapas
Label Fun in the Church
Ersch.-datum 17.11.2023
Zustand Neuware